Borrowing is the process by which a word from one language is adapted for use in another language. English is the leading source of borrowings for many languages around the world‚ especially for Albanian language‚ but the thing is that nowadays borrowing has reached an alarming rate. We have to make a big struggle (and I believe it is possible) to protect our native language by stopping the borrowing of many English words because we can have serious and inevitable consequences and some words might end up disappearing completely.

I wish to express my personal sympathy to all those people who speak two or more languages fluently but they never get their languages mixed up when they express themselves even though English words might come to the surface quicker. For instance‚ a person who writes a column in a newspaper in Albanian Language‚ as one would expect‚ he should insist on using the Albanian vocabulary only because our language is rich enough in vocabulary. So the same person should try to get himself into the habit of using Albanian vocabulary only.

However there are exceptions to many rules. We know full well that we borrow a word when we can not translate that word into our local language or it has no equivalent word‚ so we will make an exception in this case. So when the necessity arises we borrow words or phrases from another language to express technological and scientific innovations but we have to try to do more‚ I mean it is worth to devote more time reading more books in Albanian Language and enrich our vocabulary. This should make us more determined to protect our native language from unnecessary borrowings because it is one of the best languages in the world.

Driton Dalipi


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