Why Rajoni Press?

The Regional News Agency Rajoni Press is exclusively created to promptly, justly, accurately, and objectively inform Anamorava region consisting of Gjilan, Dardanė, Artanė, Partesh and Ranillug municipalities.

Rajoni Press will be also focused on flash news from Eastern Kosova including Presheva, Bujanoc and Medvegja.

With the objective of delivering abundant news from this region Rajoni Press shall have the opportunity to engage professional journalists and persons who know exactly what the everyday reader wants.

Inevitably, the first criteria of the Regional News Agency is to inform the citizens of Gjilan, starting from everyday life issues, social strata, political developments, opinions of influential and beneficial persons, various interviews with people who have created positive elements for Anamorava region.

In the interviews’ section the reader of Rajoni Press shall have the opportunity to read and know many personalities from the fields of art, science, politics, sports, medicine, technology, and media.

Most importantly, Rajoni Press shall provide information related to the life common citizen. We will target all kinds of political and economic crimes and we’ll have an eye on all violations committed by public institutions such as local authorities, courts, police, prosecutor’s offices and others.

War against corruption, human trafficking, prostitution, organized crime, sexual harassment at work place, and the phenomenon of remaining silent against negative occurrences shall be our special priority.

A special characteristic of Rajoni Press will be providing the opportunity for ordinary people and everyone else who is directly attacked by government or local institutions to express their convictions.

Being and eye and ear for everything that happens in Anamorava region we will try to bring the freshness of flash news. As of lately, the central media have reduced information related to Anamorava region, consequently isolating the region’s presence in media.

This is an additional reason why this agency should start its work dedicated to citizens and readers of this region.

We will not forget the life of people living in the border area such as Zahiraj, Karaqeva, Debėlldeh, Stublina, Kokaj and other localities.

The agency won’t be able to develop without the assistance of people who want changes in all social categories. Therefore, we will provide room to annalists, critics of all categories, and regular thinkers.

Normally, Rajoni Press will not publish anything that does not fulfill the professional criteria and standards of contemporary journalism. We will not be isolated or apply censure for anyone, but we will make sure that news, writings, reports, interviews and opinions fulfill professional criteria.

We will not aim at making this joint journey alone. We will engage experts, analysts, journalists and partners in order to fulfill the need of Anamorava region.

Rajoni Press agency will also provide room for social cases, war invalids, war victims and witnesses, war veterans, war associations, pensioners, science professors, subjects related to religion, and agricultural sector.

Youth life and finding talents from this region and their presentation in front of others will be promoted by Rajoni Press.

We will also establish a professional cooperation with local NGOs and all those who are interested to create positive changes.

We will carefully monitor the institutional work and will not bypass any flaw or negative occurrence observed around local officials. Of course, the agency will also have room for positive stories.

We will dedicate a special place to economic life, new businesses, and businessmen who have created a positive image in their towns.

Naturally, businesses engaging in product quality improvement and enterprises creating new jobs will be promoted.

I ensure you that being a professional person committed to this profession for 20 years, I will only be in the service of truth.

We are starting this project with hopes that our reader will be the main focus of what we’re going to produce everyday from the life of Anamorava people.

Let the fate be on our side with hopes for a professional collaboration that would provide as much information as possible related to Anamorava region.

Yours sincerely
Musa Sabedini

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